"Michele did a fantastic job! She followed instructions perfectly, her turn-around time was super, super fast - less than twenty-four hours - and the quality of her writing is excellent. If you choose to hire Michele, you won't be sorry. She's a real professional."

- K. Townsend


"Once again, Michele did excellent work, and her turn-around time was really impressive. She's extremely reliable, follows directions perfectly, and produces an excellent quality product. Thank you, Michele!"

- Kathryn T.


"This is the third time I've hired Michele. Her work ethic is phenomenal. Not only that, but she is one of those rare people who actually 'thinks' about what she is doing and solves problems. She doesn't have to have her hand held or need constant supervision. Rather, she is perfectly capable of figuring out how to solve any issues that arise. I cannot possibly recommend her highly enough!"

- Kathryn T.


"Michele delivered exceptional results when putting together a CV. She was great in all aspects ranging from great attention to detail, brilliant communication, and she was very thorough. I would highly recommend Michele and would love to work with her on future projects."

- Sherri-Anne J.


"Michele always does fantastic work! Love working with her!"

- Jane T.


"I cannot say enough about Michele's work. She was able to sift through my distorted written ideas and concepts and transform them into a working, clear, and professional document. It's a beautiful thing when someone helps you to articulate and understand your own thoughts."

- Markus C.


 "I would like to send an endorsement for Michele K. She did a good job on our website proofreading. She ensured all the tabs look professional, and we can now commercialize the website."

- Sumit M.


"Michele was very communicative and eager to help throughout the process, was following all of the instructions. Great job, definitely recommend!"

- Anastasia C.


"Michele is a great communicator; she wrote lots of blog posts for us. I highly recommend working with her. She was very communicative during the process and provided a fantastic piece on her first try. With most writers, 1-2 revisions, but her work was perfect from the get-go!"

- Ramin B. 


"I have hired Michele to develop website content, editing, personal resume reorganization, and improvement. Not only did she knock the website content out of the park, but her rewrite of my personal resume also has me presently interviewing with six companies! I will have more marketing work for her in the future, too. Her attention to detail and personal investment in the work is impeccable. She came highly recommended by a colleague of mine. He was right!"

- Michael B. 


"Michele was so great to work with. She was very thorough, asked questions, and went with it. I could tell she genuinely cared about helping my business succeed rather than just doing it to earn some quick money. She even finished the project way ahead of schedule."

- Tyler C. 


 "Michele has been writing for my company, Angry Ape Creative, for about a year. She does a great job writing but also adapting to my changing workflow. I consider her a partner rather than just a contractor. She has helped me and many of my clients to become more successful. I would definitely recommend her."

- Jay B. 


 "Brilliant writer, professional, and a thorough researcher on the subject. Highly recommended."

- Sam S. 


"Definitely will hire again! Thanks!"

- David G. 


"Her work is always 100% and very well-researched. She does fantastic, perfect work! Always a pleasure working with Michele."

- Jane T. 


"Great attitude and solid writing. Thanks, Michele!"

- Patrick L. 


"What a great writer!"

- Waqas L. 


"She always does a great job with research! Love it! Excellent work! I look forward to doing more work together. Awesome job and quick turn-around!"

- Jay B. 


"Michele is working diligently on an ongoing project and being responsive to adjustments in the plan as we go. I appreciate the sensibilities she brings to a project like ours, and we are glad to have her involved. Michele does consistent, quality work. She is excellent. Her research is thorough, and she writes like an expert on any topic."

- Matthew G. 



"Michele is very punctual, replies immediately. She is absolutely amazing!"

- Alexandra G.


"Excellent working experience and highly recommended! One of the best writers I've ever worked with. Most excellent writer and publisher. No words for her great delivery of projects."

- Subhrajit S. 


"The best writer I've worked with. She listened to feedback, invested her own time to understand the subject matter in order to improve the quality of the work.

- Lee M. 


 "I would highly recommend Michele. She is very professional and easy to work with!"

         - Tyler C. 


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