How I Work


As I work on your resume, you can rest assured that I will be giving it my all. However, I believe QUALITY trumps quantity every time, so understand that I will NOT deliver your resume overnight (unless it is just a quick edit to an existing resume). Your job search efforts are important to me, and I want to make sure your resume reflects you in the best light. I take this very seriously and will ensure you have the best product. I DO have a fast turnaround time, but I just want you to know that I do not rush through any assignment.

A few notes on how I work when it comes to resumes:

  1. I research similar jobs to what you are looking for, so I can find the right keywords to use on your resume. 
  2. I research similar resumes to see what other people in your industry are saying.
  3. I create a new or revised profile with solid wording, making sure you are irresistible to potential employers.
  4. I typically will reformat your resume to look more professional. Of course, this depends on what your resume currently looks like.
  5. I spell-check and use Grammarly Premium to check for any errors on your resume. Plus, I check them by hand. 
  6. I will typically research the companies you've worked for and schools you have attended to make sure they are listed correctly. I also spell out degrees the right way.
  7. I am very hands-on when it comes to resumes because they represent you when you are looking for a job! 
  8. I can also help with Linked-In profiles or other social media profiles so that they are closely correlated to your resume in case job prospects look for you online! 
  9. I believe in complete honesty and ethical behavior, so each resume is created with original wording by me.
  10. I am happy to help you with job coaching, interview tips, and applications! I want everything you submit to a potential employer to be perfect!
If you have any further questions on how I work on resumes, please email me at Oklahoma writer at yahoo. I look forward to helping you rock out there in the job market! Let's do this!

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